Fab Facts What Are Fab-Wraps?

What Are Fab-Wraps?

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So just what are Fab-Wraps, anyway?

Fab-Wraps™ are fabric drawstring bags you use instead of wrapping paper. Unlike paper, they can be used over and over while still looking great.

What about paper bags—aren't they reusable too?

Sure—but have you ever seen one after the second or third go-round? They start to look a little beat-up. And the tissue paper…!

How long do they last?

Years and years. Some of the original Fab-Wraps are still going strong after almost 10 years, with no end in sight.

What makes Fab-Wraps different?

The fabrics! Most other bags are strictly cotton and have a limited choice of patterns, but Fab-Wraps come in a wide variety of fabrics (velvet, satin, brocade, etc.) as well as cotton prints to suit every interest.

How do you close Fab-Wraps?

Fab-Wraps have a unique cordlock closure that allows you to cinch the bag in seconds—no tying, no risk of knots. And it opens just as easily.

What are Novelty bags?

"Novelty" refers to the cotton novelty prints used in this bag line. The major groupings are Holiday, Sports, Babies & Kids, Animals, Flowers, and Other. If you're looking for a holiday print, or a pattern to go with the receiver's hobby, this is the place to go.

What are Premium bags?

Premium bags are made of richer, textured fabrics that often sparkle, shine, or stretch. Think velvet, satin, suede, and even fur. While they are not usually printed with recognizable pictures like the Novelty fabrics, they frequently have patterns and embellishments such as glitter, holograms, sparkling dots, and rhinestones. The major groupings are Velvet, Brocade, Lamé, Satin & Silky Prints, and Other.

Can I wash Fab-Wraps?

Yes, though the different fabrics require different treatments. See here for more details

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